Natan Andrei (Rutgers University)

Out of equilibrium quantum impurities and the Bethe Ansatz (6 h)

1. Introduction

Non-equilibrium steady state: Keldysh approach, scattering theory, dissipation and entropy production.
The resonance level model: the scattering states, the Landauer-Buttiker Formula.

2. Interactions

The interacting resonance level model: scattering Bethe Ansatz (part 1), the current vs voltage curve, the Fermi Edge Singularity.
The quantum dot - introduction: Coulomb Blockade, the Kondo effect in and out of equilibrium.

3. The quantum dot - the non-equilibrium Anderson model

The Scattering Bethe Ansatz (part 2).
The conductance as a function of the source-drain and gate voltage.
Other non-equilibrium impurity systems.