Leticia F. Cugliandolo, Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Out of Equilibrium Dynamics of Complex Systems (15h)

1. Introduction - dynamics. Fundamental questions and concrete systems of interest.

2. Modeling: discrete vs continuous, closed vs open, deterministic vs stochastic.

3. Some examples of 0-dimensional dynamics (a particle). Oscillator (closed and open), effects of noise (white vs coloured, additive vs multiplicative). Escape from a metastable state.

4. Dynamics through phase transitions. Quenches and slow cooling. The phenomenon. Ginzburg-Landau approach.

5. Large N models & their solution.

6. Frustration & Quenched disorder. Definition, properties, basics of finite dimensional cases (e.g. Griffiths).

7. Large N - like models. Metastability.

8. Closed vs open dynamics. Non-integrable vs integrable dynamics.

9. Chosen topics among: Gibbs-Boltzmann vs GGEs, effective temperatures by FDT vs effective temperature by GGE. Metastability vs Many Body Localization.