14th Itzykson Meeting on String Theory

Practical information

How to reach the IPhT, CEA/Saclay

The iPhT is located outside Paris in the south (see the online map).The iPhT can be reached by the RER B, direction Saint Remy les Chevreuses, stop Le Guichet
(make sure that your train stops at the station Le Guichet).  A bus of the conference will wait for you at 9:00 at Le Guichet.

Here is an interactive map of the metro and train networks, and here is the schedule of trains. Trains to Saint Remy les Chevreuses that stop at Le Guichet run approximately every 15 minutes. To arrive at Le Guichet at 9:00 you need to take the RERB train named PLAN that leaves at 8:32 from Port Royal and at 8:34 from Denfert Rocherau.

If you miss the conference bus, at Le Guichet there is a CEA free shuttle at 9:15, 9:30 and 9:45 or if yu come later, the public bus 269.02 at 10:10; 11:12, 11:45... (see schedule for later departures). When getting out of the train, walk thorugh the tunnel that crosses the railway, turn right after the cafe and cross the street. A pedestrian way on the left (marked "Parc de Stationnement de Corbeville") leads to the bus station. The CEA shuttle (dark gray) runs from the left side of the street (opposite the bus station). Tickets for the bus can be purchased on the bus itself; if you have subway tickets for Paris on which it is written BUS you can also use those.
You should get off at Orme des Merisiers (approx. 15 minutes). 
You can also take a taxi at Le Guichet to Orme des Merisiers.

From the gate at Orme des Merisiers walk straight about 600 m, then turn right to reach SPhT (building 774).

If you are coming by car, please follow the instructions on how to reach us on the web site of the iPhT.

Bus schedule

A bus will arranged from and to RER B Station Le Guichet


Hotels: We have reserved rooms for the spakers at Hotel du Midi, Hotel de la Paix, and Hotel Pierre Nicole in Paris, 5 min walk to RER B stations Denfert Rocherau and Port Royal; and Hotel d'Orsay in Orsay, 5 min walk to Le Guichet, where the conference bus will be waiting.  Here is a list of some other hotels in Paris close to an RER B station. 


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