14th Itzykson Meeting on String Theory


Bus schedule

A bus will arranged from and to RER B Station Le Guichet. If you miss the conference bus, or are coming by car follow the instructions on the practical information page.


June 17
June 18
June 19
9:00 Bus from RER B Station Le Guichet
9:30RegistrationMc GreevyKachru
10:30Welcome Coffee break
11:0010:45:  Mc. AllisterHartnollLouis
11:45Arkani-Hamedde BoerBecker
12:30 Lunch
15:30 Coffee break
17:30 Wine & cheese receptionbreak
 18:30 Bus to RER B Station Le Guichet 18:00:  Bus to RER B Station Le Guichet
  19:30 Dinner at
Bouillon Racine
3, rue Racine 75006 Paris

Titles of Talks

Speaker Title Files
Ofer Aharoni On d=3 Yang-Mills Chern-Simons theories with "fractional branes" and their gravity duals ppt pdf
Nima Arkani-Hamed Holography and the S-Matrix
Katrin BeckerTorsional heterotic geometriesppt pdf
Nathan BerkovitsSpin chains from the topolo:gical AdS5xS5 string
Zvi BernHarmony of Scattering Amplitudes: from N=4 Super-Yang-Mills Theory to N=8 Supergravityppt pdf
Jan de BoerQuantum aspects of black holesppt pdf
Roberto Emparan Blackfolds pdf
Michael GreenSupersymmetric String and Field Theory Scattering Amplitudes
Sean HartnollQuantum bosons for holographic superconductorspdf
Johnatan Heckman The Point of E8 in F-theory GUTsppt pdf
Shamit KachruGauge/gravity duality and particle physicspdf
Neil LambertCoupling M2-branes to Background Fieldspdf
Jan LouisCompactifictions and Generalized Geometriespdf
Marcos Mariño Nonperturbative aspects of the topological stringpdf
Samir Mathur Lessons from the information paradoxpdf
Liam McAllister Inflation in String Theoryppt pdf
John McGreevy Holographic descriptions of quantum liquidspdf
Joe Polchinski Holography from CFTppt pdf
Ashoke SenBlack hole hair removalpdf
Timo Weigand Type IIB GUT vacua and their F-theory upliftpdf


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