9ème Rencontre IPhT/SPP
IPhT and SPP
Mardi 24/01/2012, 14:00
Salle Claude Itzykson, Bât. 774, Orme des Merisiers
This meeting will be devoted to neutrino physics with emphasis on recent results -- T2K, Double Chooz and anomalies -- their theoretical interpretations and an overview of future experiments. \ {bf Program:} begin{itemize} item{14:00:} E.Mazzucato (SPP), F. Vernizzi (IPhT) ``Welcome" item{14:00 - 14:25:} Enrico Bertuzzo (IPhT) ``Flavor symmetries in the lepton sector" item{14:25 - 14:50:} Sandrine Emery (SPP) ``T2K" item{14:50 - 15:15:} Vincent Durand (SPP) ``Double Chooz" item{15:15 - 15:40:} Francis Bernardeau (IPhT) ``Neutrino mass from cosmological observations" item{15:40 - 16:00:} Coffe break item{16:00 - 16:25:} Guillaume Mention (SPP) ``The reactor antineutrino anomaly and experimental status of anomalies beyond 3 flavors" item{16:25 - 16:50:} Stephane Lavignac (IPhT) ``Sterile neutrinos" item{16:50 - 17:15:} Georges Vasseur (SPP) ``Future neutrino experiments" end{itemize}
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