AdS brane calibrations from Exceptional Sasaki Einstein structures
Oscar de Felice
Mercredi 10/05/2017, 14:15-15:15
Salle Claude Itzykson, Bât. 774, Orme des Merisiers

The goal of the seminar is to describe how generalised calibrations can be described by Exceptional Sasaki-Einstein structures on AdS backgrounds in type IIB and M-theory. The inequalities for the energy bound are derived by decomposing a $\kappa$-symmetry condition. After a general picture about supersymmetry and calibration forms, there will be a focus on how the closure of the calibration forms is related to the integrability conditions of the Exceptional Sasaki-Einstein structure, in particular for AdS space-filling or point-like branes. Doing so, the main result of the seminar will be given, that is the form parts of the twisted vector structure in M-theory and type IIB provide generalised calibrations.

Contact : Iosif BENA


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