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Grégoire Misguich

Researcher in physics - Condensed matter theory and statistical Phsyics

I am doping research in statistical physics and correlated electron systems, and particulary quantum Hall systems, low dimensionnal quantum magnets, topological phases, quantum entanglement and the out-of-equilibrium dynamics of these systems. I am also working on the simulation of noisy quantum devices using matrix product states and matrix product operators (MPO).

An open-source MPO-based simulator for interacting qubits with some decoherence (open system and Lindblad evolution):

I am participating in the research projects EPiQ and BACQ.

Some selected talks and lectures:

  • Talk on "Generalized hydrodynamics in box-ball systems" on youtube (May 2021)
  • Course "Parallel programming (for Physicists) (IPhT, June 2019). See also hal-04452753
  • Talk on "Shannon entropies in quantum magnets" (LDQM2016 workshop, Lausanne, September 2016), pdf.
  • Short lecture on "quantum frustrated magnets" (Workshop on "Entanglement in strongly correlated systems", Benasque, February 2016) pdf.
  • Lectures on "Quantum Entanglement in condensed matter" (8 hours, IPhT, spring 2015). hal-04446225 (>100 slides).
  • Slides of my habilitation thesis defense "Entanglement and Shannon entropies in low-dimensional quantum systems" (Saclay, June 2014) pdf.
  • Seminar "Numerics for an XXZ spin-1/2 chain out of equilibrium" (ICFO, Barcelona, March 2014). pdf.
  • Seminar (colloquium) "Frustrated magnets and spin liquids" (ENSICAEN, March 2011). pdf.
  • Lecture on spontaneously broken symmetries in condensed matter (and magnetism in particular). School "Matériaux et interactions en compétition", GDR MICO, Aussois, France, Juin 2010. pdf.
  • Recent progress in the search for quantum spin liquids ground-states. This talk was not (!) given at the "Perspectives in Highly Frustrated Magnetism" conference (MPI-PKS, Dresden, Germany), April 2010. pdf).
  • Topological order in quantum dimer models (Conference on Topological Quantum Computing, Dublin 2007, pdf).
  • 2D Quantum magnetism and spin liquids (lectures and tutorial given at the 2007 HFM School, Trieste, Italy).
  • Spontaneous symmetry breaking and finite finite-size spectra of quantum antiferromagnets (HFM 2006 conference, Osaka pdf)
  • Unconventional phase transition in a classical 3-dimensional dimer model (11th Itzykson meeting, Saclay, June 2006, pdf)
  • Derivation of order parameters through reduced density matrices (EPFL, Lausanne Jan. 2006 pdf)
  • Spinons and gauge degrees of freedom in spin liquids (UNSW Sydney, August 2005, pdf)
  • Quantum dimer model with a liquid ground-state: topological degeneracy and toy model for a topological quantum-bit (Oct. 2004, pdf)
  • Quantum dimer models on the kagome lattice (April 2004, pdf)
  • Animated IPhT logo using a 3d printer:


Grégoire Misguich
Institut de Physique Théorique
Orme des Merisiers, bat. 774
CEA - Saclay
F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette - FRANCE

Phone : 33-(0)1-

E-mail: gregoire.misguich << at>>


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