Wonders of Gauge theory and Supergravity

June 23 - 28 2008

Intitut Henri Poincaré and LPT-ENS in (Paris)
and Institut de Physique Théorique (Saclay)

Group photo of the Workshop

Aim of the workshop

Recent years have seen remarkable progress in the computation of higher-loop corrections to physical processes relevant to high-energy collisions. These computations have revealed an amazing simplicity in higher-loop amplitudes in gauge theory and gravity.

The workshop will be devoted to exciting developments in higher-loop computations in QCD, N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills and supergravity theories, as well as their connections with string theory and with recent breakthroughs in the study of the AdS/CFT correspondence and higher-loop computations in string theory.


The workshop will take place in Saclay (at the Institut de Physique Théorique of the CEA) and in Paris (at the Institut Henri Poincaré and the Ecole Normale).

Participation in the workshop is open subject only to space constraints. Registration will be obligatory, even for Paris-area scientists, though there are no fees.


Bernard Julia (LPT-ENS)  Zoltan Kunszt (ETH)  David Kosower (IPhT/CEA)  Pierre Vanhove (IPhT/CEA)