Curriculum vitae


Birth: 27/03/1972 in Caen (France).

Professional address:

Service de Physique Théorique
91191 Gif-sur-Yvette (FRANCE)
e-mail: nonnen AT

1991-1995: Student at the École normale supérieure, Paris (maths & physics).

1993-1994: Graduate school of theoretical physics (at ENS).

  • Experimental project: Vortex trapping in high-Tc superconductors, with L. Fruchter (Orsay university).
  • Bibliographic project: Renormalization in Yang-Mills theories (dir: É. Brézin).
1991-1994: Master of Sciences (at the ENS). Includes
  • Jan.-June 1993: research project at the Department of theoretical physics, Brown University (Providence, USA). Topic: Disordered Potts model. Dir: J.M. Kosterlitz.
  • Juillet 1992: experimental project at the Laboratore de l'Horloge Atomique (Orsay univ.). Topic: Study of a Cesium frequency standard. Dir: N. Dimarcq.

1989-1991: "Classes préparatoires".

1983-1989: high school in Tunis (Tunisia)

Professional status:
2001-: researcher at the Service de Physique théorique, CEA Saclay.

1998-2000: postdoc at the Institute of theoretical physics,  university of Cologne (Germany), supervised by
M. Zirnbauer.

1994-1997: PhD in theoretical physics at the Service de Physique Théorique, Saclay. Supervisor: A. Voros. Title: Eigenstates of classically chaotic systems in phase space. Defended on 30/01/1998 (with honors).

1999-2000: Assistant at the Physics Department in Cologne univ. (in German).

1995-1998: Assistant at Orsay university. 

Students supervision:
  • Supervision of bibliographical projects in theoretical physics at Cologne univ.
  • Master of sc. internship of Thomas Picot: Quantum noise and Fourier transformation (May-July 2004).
  • Master of sc. internship of Mathieu Rubin: Quantum mechanics on the torus in presence of chaos (March-July 2005).
  • Master of sc. internship of Emmanuel Schenck: Open quantum systems on the torus (Jan-April 2006).
  • PhD of Emmanuel Schenck: Damped chaotic quantum systems (2006-2009)
Participation in international programs and networks:

Organization of conferences:
Long research stays abroad:
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