A few talks (slides in PDF format)

Entropic methods in quantum chaos
  • Quantum phase space partitions in quantum chaos, worshop in honor of Marcos Saraceno, Buenos Aires, Dec. 2009. pdf
  • Eigen- and quasi-modes of Anosov manifolds (Gdansk, Sep. 2009) pdf
  • pdf
  • Mode localization on chaotic manifolds: an entropy approach, IPAM workshop, Feb. 2009. pdf
  • Quantum symbolic dynamics (Banff workshop, Feb. 2008) pdf

"General" talks on quantum chaos
  • Quantum chaos and the thermodynamical formalism, Fractal Geometry, Hyperbolic Dynamics and Thermodynamical
    Formalism, ICERM, March 7-11, 2016. pdf
  • Counting stationary modes: a discrete view of geometry and dynamics, public lecture at the workshop "Weyl at 100", Fields Institute, in September 2012. pdf
  • Various aspects of open quantum chaos, colloquium at the University of Cardiff, November 2011. pdf
  • Quantum ergodicity and beyond, colloquium at Rice Univ., Jan. 2010. pdf
  • Quelques questions de chaos quantique (soutenance d'habilitation diriger les recherches, juin 2009) pdf
  • Propagation d'ondes en milieu chaotique (Forum de la thorie, Saclay, Feb. 2008) pdf
  • Transformations chaotiques quantifies: un "laboratoire" pour le chaos quantique (Colloquium Bordeaux, Nov. 2007) pdf

Damped wave equation / damped quantum maps
  • Chaotic damped waves, Paris-London Analysis seminar, March 2012. pdf
  • Ondes amorties en rgime chaotique, Lille, Oct. 2011. pdf
  • Exponential stabilization for damped waves on an Anosov manifold, Journes EDP, Biarritz, June 2011. pdf

Resonances in chaotic scattering
  • Semiclassical approach to classical hyperbolic mixing, (after Faure-Roy-Sjstrand), Quantum Mechanics meets Symplectic Topology
    Tel-Aviv, May 14-19, 2016. pdf
  • Semiclassical scattering in presence of hyperbolicity, Topology, Geometry and Dynamics, in honour of Franois Lalonde.
    CRM, Montral, Aug 31 - Sep 4, 2015. pdf
  • Chaos quantique ouvert, Sminaire de la Fdration Denis Poisson, Orlans, 13 novembre 2014. pdf
  • Normally hyperbolic trapping: resonances and applications to classical Anosov flow, 4th Birman conference, St-Petersburg, July 2012. pdf
  • Quantum chaos with open systems, (ESI Summer school on quantum chaos, August 2012). pdf
  • Quantum chaotic scattering: quantum monodromy operators, workshop Nonaa, CIRM, Dec. 2012. pdf
  • Rsonances quantiques d’une varit chaotique, Inst. Math. de Jussieu, oct. 2011 (in French). pdf
  • Chaotic scattering and quantum monodromy operators, workshop "Ondes en rgime semiclassique", Paris XIII, avril 2011. pdf
  • Quantum monodromy operator in chaotic scattering, Bristol Univ., Jan. 2011. pdf
  • Quantized open chaotic systems, conference QMath11, Hradec Kralove, Sept. 2010. pdf
  • Open baker’s map: a toy model for dissipative quantum chaos, AMS/MMS Meeting, Berkeley, June 2010. pdf
  • Quantized Poincar maps in chaotic scattering, Banff workshop, March 2010. pdf
  • Spectral questions in quantum chaotic scattering, EPFL workshop, Feb. 2010. pdf
  • Open quantum chaos, LMS summer school, Nottingham, June 2009. pdf
  • A few aspects of quantum chaotic scattering, LDSG workshop, Queen Mary Univ, March 2009. pdf
  • Quantum decay rates in chaotic scattering (Banff, Oct. 2008) pdf
  • Quantum chaotic scattering (Toulouse, April. 2007) pdf
  • Quantum decay rates in chaotic scattering (Videoseminar Bonn Paris-Nord Berkeley, Dec. 2006) pdf
  • Resonances and quantum chaos (Festival Colin de Verdire, May 2006) pdf
  • Quantum resonances and conductance fluctuations for the open baker's map (Bristol, Feb. 2005) pdf

Counter-examples to quantum unique ergodicity/ localized quasimodes
  • Logarithmic quasimodes along a hyperbolic orbit, Semi-classical Analysis: Spectral Theory and Resonances, ESI, August 24-28,
    2015. pdf
  • Scarred and fractal eigenstates of periodic quantum chaotic maps (workshop ,Bristol, Sept. 2005) pdf
  • Control on the localization of eigenstates of the perturbed cat map (Sminaire tournant, Nov. 2004) pdf
  • Evolution and scarring for perturbed cat maps (Cambridge, June 2004) pdf
  • Strong scarring of the eigenstates of the quantum cat map (MSRI, May 2003) pdf

On spectral universality for chaotic systems
  • On spectral correlations for quantum maps (Ein Guedi, Feb. 2001) pdf


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