Maxime Leroy joins the IPHT support team  
imgimg We are pleased to welcome Maxime Leroy to the IPHT's support team, who took up his post on January 19th as part of an 18-month fixed-term contract.

Maxime is a graphic video editor and a graduate of the EMC (Ecole supérieure des métiers de l'image, du son et de la création 2D-3D). Trained by Philippe Girault and Laurent Sengmanivanh, he will be responsible for the use of our new equipment in the Itzykson room and soon in the Bloch amphitheatre. His technical skills will be invaluable for the recording and retransmission of conferences, courses and seminars organized by researchers and will thus contribute to a better influence of the Institute. He will also be your contact for announcements and room reservations on the IPhT website.

Welcome to Maxime !

G. Misguich, 2022-01-27 15:24:00


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