Retreat of the IPhT in Autrans : aftermath  

imgThe retreat of the Institute of Theoretical Physics was held in Autrans (Vercors) from May 23 to 25.

The approximately one hundred participants enjoyed the benefits of the altitude and the gorgeous environment surrounding the Escandille congress center, which hosted the event. This intense and joyful retreat provided an opportunity to strengthen the cohesion between members of our laboratory and to discuss among ourselves issues of science and the life of the Institute.

The IPhT is characterized by a broad spectrum of research topics. In order to highlight the skills and to pedagogically transmit the knowledge to other non-expert colleagues, 7 scientific presentations of IPhT researchers were organized, complemented by 2 presentations held by external speakers, Professors Luc Blanchet (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris, long-term visitor at IPhT) and Emil Martinec (University of Chicago).

Short presentations allowed the new PhD students and post-doctoral fellows of the IPhT to be known by the other researchers. The IT and administrative support teams took the opportunity to present their work to everyone and gave us a lot of useful information. The traditional open discussion session "on the future of the laboratory" allowed the participants to exchange on multiple questions of the laboratory life.

A quiz game then tested the knowledge of the participants on various subjects: the CEA, the CNRS, the history of the IPhT, general physics or even on key publications of members of our lab. The random distribution of seats in the restaurant allowed to vary the guests, thus breaking the barriers of age, language, skills, etc. To keep fit and reinforce the team atmosphere, walks in the green nature were proposed to the participants, in addition to the sports facilities of the center (swimming pool, gym, sauna, ping-pong). Last but not least, the last evening was celebrated with a dance party that added a fun touch to this busy retreat!

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