Introducing the Chirality-Flow Formalism for Standard Model calculations
Andrew Lifson
Lund University
Tue, Mar. 16th 2021, 16:00
(voir dans annonce),

Scattering amplitudes are often split up into their gauge ($su(N)$) and kinematic (two copies of complexified $su(2)$) components. Since the $su(N)$ gauge part is often calculated using flows of colour, it should similarly be possible to describe the $su(2) \oplus su(2)$ kinematics of an amplitude in terms of flows of chirality. In two recent papers (hep-ph:2003.05877 and hep-ph:2011.10075) we showed that this is indeed the case, introducing the chirality-flow formalism for Standard Model calculations. In the chirality-flow method (which simplifies the spinor-helicity method) Feynman diagrams can be directly written down in terms of Lorentz-invariant spinor inner products, allowing the simplest and most direct possible path from Feynman diagram to complex number. In this talk, I will introduce this method and show some examples. \\ \\ The seminar is on zoom only: \\ \\ SkY1RHhrQUVRcWhjQ3VsbTV4TG5XQT09


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