Workshop Black-Hole Microstructure V
Jun. 12th 2023 to Jun. 16th 2023
(à déterminer), Orme des Merisiers
The microscopic description of black holes has been a challenge for more that forty years. There are now quite a number of promising approaches to solving this problem and the primary goal of this conference and workshop is to bring together experts in these areas to identify synergies, engage in constructive criticism and resolve apparent conflicts. A significant focus will be the dynamics of black-hole microstructure: how infalling matter is scrambled and how information is recovered. \\ \\ The conference will have four or five talks a day. The talks will all be "in-person" at the IPhT, CEA-Saclay and they will be broadcast via Zoom. \\ \\ To know the speakers, please go to the conference link. \\ Organizers: Iosif Bena and Nick Warner


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