SEIS/InSight on Mars : first 9 months of Mars seismic monitoring
Philippe Lognonné
Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
Thu, Sep. 12th 2019, 11:00-12:00
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InSight landed on Mars on November, 26th, 2018 and deployed on the Martian in the following 2 months the SEIS experiment, a 6 axis seismometer protected by several layers of thermal protection in addition to a Wind and Thermal Shield. This robotic deployment is a first in Planetary Science and it is also the first time that a complete geophysical station is deployed, with seismic, magnetic, geodetic, heat flow and weather sensors. \par We present the challenge faced successfully by the InSight team in the SEIS deployment and provide an overview of the first observations made by the experiment after 9 months on Mars, including the first detection of Marsquakes and their analysis for determining the first constraints on Mars interior structure and Mars seismicity.\\ \\ \\ (Auditorium Pierre Lehmann, Bât.200 – Campus Universitaire d’Orsay)

Contact : lbervas


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